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Send us a text in the format you have available and we will translate it for you and, if you need it, we will layout it for you and give you marketing ideas.

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At Marketing and Languages we highly value the quality of our work. For this reason, all our translations are carried out by professional translators, with a degree in Translation and Interpretation and experience. In addition, to ensure excellent quality, our translators work together with our specialists in different disciplines (chemists, engineers, biotechnologists, etc.), depending on the subject matter of the translation.

    Seal of quality

    At M&L we know how important it is for you to be able to get your business, event, etc. to a maximum number of persons or entities. For this reason, all our translations meet the requirements that our team considers essential for a quality translation.

    For us, a good translation:

    • Maintains the original idea and style of the author.
    • It is as natural as an original text.
    • Each term is accurately translated, without giving rise to ambiguities.
    • Does not contain spelling, grammatical, syntactic or semantic errors.
    • Takes into account the sociocultural characteristics of the speakers of the target language.
    • It is carried out by a translator who masters both the vocabulary and the grammar, syntax and punctuation.
    • It is carried out by a professional translator, with experience and a degree in Translation.
    • It is reviewed by specialists in the subject matter of the document.

    Our professional experience, our guarantee

    These some of the brands for which the people who make up our team have translated.

    Our specialties

    Here you can download our catalogs.

    Traducciones científico Técnicas

    Scientific-Technical Translations

    Traducciones para la restauración

    Restaurant translations

    Traducciones para el sector educativo

    Translations for the educational sector

    Traducciones literarias

    Literary translations

    Traducciones publicitarias

    Advertisement translations

    Traducciones sector turismo

    Translations for the tourism sector

    Musical adaptation

    Send us your text and we will make you a custom quote.





    At M&L, we want to help you expand your business globally. For this reason, if you wish, in addition to translating your documents, we can locate them for you. Localization is a translation adapted to the target culture, an idiomatic and cultural adaptation.

    When entering a market, we have to offer products and services to customers in their own language, but we also have to send them a message that they understand and internalize. To do this, we must take into account both the linguistic aspects, as well as the social and cultural aspects of the area where they live. It is at this moment that the need to combine localization with translation arises.

    We adapt your texts to your target markets.


    Layout of texts and documents

    At M&L, in addition to translating from word to word, we can also, if you need it, layout the document so that you get a final PDF document, with all pages, images and links checked.

    And, if you want to customize your document, we can also design and incorporate:

    • cover page
    • Corporate colors
    • logo
    • footers
    • graphics
    • links
    • images
    • contact addresses

    We work with Adobe InDesign CS6 and Adobe Photoshop CS6, to offer you the highest quality at the best price.

    Maquetación de textos y documentos


    To get more out of your documents, we also offer you the possibility of requesting marketing advice from our specialists.

    We invite you to visit our section of

    Marketing and organization

    Asesoramiento de marketing

    Printing and binding

    All our translations can be delivered printed and bound.

    You can detail your format preferences, or let our specialists advise you.

    Impresión y encuadernación

    Our rates

    Below, we present our standard rates. However, taking into account that each project is unique, we advise you to contact us so that we can make you a personalized quote.

    Direct translation

    Reverse translation

    • Special discounts for high volumes.
    • Special discounts for repeated words.

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