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Translate your dreams


We are a Translation and Marketing agency that wants to turn your ideas into reality.

We want to help you transform your business to expand your market

  • We translate whatever you need: a restaurant menu, a technical document, invitations to a party or the localization of any campaign.
  • We create an online and offline marketing campaign.
  • We organize any personalized event.
  • We create a marketing plan, a corporate manual and, if you need it, all the necessary documentation.

We are a young brand that offers personalized customer service. We look at each project with care and we listen to you.

Destacamos por:

  • Facilitate all the work we do for your brand. It’s yours.
  • Set clear goals with you from the start and review them periodically.
  • Work on short, medium and long term projects. No fixed term.
  • Personally report all the work we are doing and the different stages of your project.
  • Accompany throughout the project. You can always count on us.
  • Always offer the highest quality. We take care of all the details.

Maria Montoya

Degree in Translation and Interpretation of French, Japanese and Arabic from the UAB.

CAP of French by the UAB. Catalan level D.

She has more than 20 years of experience in translation, interpretation and language teaching in Toulouse, Paris and Barcelona.

Translator of La Barcelone française, Verone Éd.

Graduated in Tourist Destinations and English in Hospitality from the UOC.

Laura Baena

Degree in Chemistry with more than 16 years of experience in the «Medical Devices» sector.

Marketing manager and specialist in communication and organization of events.

Master’s degree in business management from EFEM.

Master in digital marketing and electronic commerce by UB-IL3.

Specialized in the management of public tenders.

Business strategy

We want to make your business grow, we help you set goals and achieve them.

contact tracking

We look for who is your real customer and who is your potential customer.

Organize this data and you will be clear about your goals and potential.

Events and communication

We organize all kinds of events from the opening party of a store and/or restaurant to a tasting or pairing to promote your business.

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